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You can install the Capter CLI through NPM or Yarn:

# npm
npm i @capterqa/cli --save-dev
# yarn
yarn add @capterqa/cli --dev


You should now be able to run the CLI:

# npm
npm run capter
# yarn
yarn capter

With npx#

Another way to use Capter without actually installing it is running it through npx:

npx capter


cargo install capter --vers [VERSION]

Head over to and check for the latest version number.

Manual installation#

  1. Go to GitHub Releases on the Capter CLI repo
  2. Expand Assets on a release and download the binary for your OS
  3. Rename the download to capter
  4. Add the location of capter to your PATH:
export PATH=$PATH:/capter/bin/location

You might have to run chmod +x capter to get the correct permssions to run it.